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藝術/遊戲治療 (3 yrs old+) Art  / Play Therapy

  • 藝術/遊戲療法是關於使用藝術(不一定要懂繪畫)/遊戲作為工具,達至心理治療果效

  • 有助處理情感、行為及社交發展等問題

  • Art / Play therapy is about using art/ play as a tool for communication

  • Through the therapeutic aims, emotional and developmental needs can be addressed with the intention of effecting lasting change


與神對話繪畫工作坊 Art Sozo

  • 透過美術讓神觸摸你的心靈,對你說話

  • Encounter with God through drawing workshop. Let God touch your heart & soul through art

禱告服侍 Prayer Service

  • 身心靈醫治釋放禱告服侍

  • Physical, spiritual healing & deliverance prayer service