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Students & Parents Testimonies

Kids Art Class

Laurence Chan

Diversification is the characteristic of Ms. Sofina Leung. When I pick up my son after class, I am always filled with pleasant amazement. Each time, I see different elements and materials, which set off and highlight the theme of the painting. But more importantly, it explores different angles from which children can look at their works and stimulate children's thinking. This process of  "re-examine -> introspection -> trying -> self-improvement" is the most important life's  lecture to children by Ms. Leung.

Julia Hu

This class introduces my son to the basics of drawing and arouses his interest. Ms. Leung is passionate, responsible, loving, perceptive and experienced with children. Highly recommend!

My two daughters Chelsey (9 years old ) and Callie (6 years old) really loved the art classes at the studio. The class has introduced my daughters to new skills as well as enhanced their interests and appreciation of the arts. Miss Leung, thank you for your teachings and guidance. They will continue to enjoy arts and look forward to more art sessions very soon. Highly recommended.


One of the best artwork at our home is my 5 years old son’s acrylic painting created in Sofina’s class.  The smile in his face with the reflection of his self confidence and the pride in his own creation when he presented the artwork to me is memorable.  Sofina guided him on the drawing techniques while allowing him to freely draw which I believe is an excellent balance for a kid at his early age to pick up good drawing skills yet at the same time build up his creativity. Thank you Sofina!

Helen Lin


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Joan Yee

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