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Laurence Chan


Helen Lin



多元化是梁老師的特色, 陳曉陽在上梁老師的美術課期間, 我每次接孩子放學的時刻, 總是充滿驚喜, 每次看到不同的元素和物料, 襯托和凸顯畫裡的主題, 更重要是透過涉獵不同的方式, 讓孩子用另一個角度看自己的作品, 刺激孩子反覆思想, 這種 "重新審視>反省>嘗試>自我完善" 的思維是梁老師給小兒最寶貴的人生課堂。

Celine's Test

Joan Yee

One of the best artwork at our home is my 5 years old son’s acrylic painting created in Sofina’s class.  The smile in his face with the reflection of his self confidence and the pride in his own creation when he presented the artwork to me is memorable.  Sofina guided him on the drawing techniques while allowing him to freely draw which I believe is an excellent balance for a kid at his early age to pick up good drawing skills yet at the same time build up his creativity. Thank you Sofina!

Julia Hu

This class introduces my son to the basics of drawing and arouses his interest. Ms. Leung is passionate, responsible, loving, perceptive and experienced with children. Highly recommend!

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