We aim to TRANSFORM LIFE, not just teaching knowledge. 

Build up students’ confidence and good character.

"Train up a child in the way he should go, even when he is old he will not depart from it."  (Proverbs 22:6)

Our Vision & Mission

  • We dream of a wonderful world, where the abundant life of our next generation shines on the earth. 

  • We believe children's potential abilities can be maximized when they learn in a safe, encouraging, joyful and loving environment. 

  • We inspire children to build up confidence & good character that brings life long benefits and success. 


The Wonderful Creation is founded by two young people who have graduated from well-known universities, with professional qualifications, passionated in education, and many years of teaching experience. We saw the dilemma of the current mainstream education system in Hong Kong, hope to providing an alternative, positive and enjoyable learning environment in this stressful and competitive society. We also believe that shaping children's character is much more important than improving their skills .

We believe that 0 to 6 years old is the most important and critical stage of human brain development. 


In the early years, your child’s main learning and development is through play.  Based on child development psychology, our program incorporate art and play therapies elements. Using creative and fun activities to inspire the language, conation and creativity talents of young child, matching their character development.  Our teachers focus on supporting your child physical and emotional growth.  Developing their character as they learn to communicate, think and socialize. By applying those psychology skills, teachers would observe each child during the classes, and give parents advise according to each specific child regularly.


By discovering the uniqueness of each child at his / her early age, we aim to develop their natural gifts and potential talents. Every child has different gifts and talents from God. We encourage our students to express and create in their own ways, instead of restricting them to one modality of learning.

We do not set up rules for the classroom, but encourage children to set their own rules and let them take the initiative. There are only appreciation and encouragement in the classroom, but not punishment. We build up a positive learning environment and atmosphere. We believe that through positive and appropriate teaching, you can maximize your child's potential. Children are like rough stones, each one is unique and has different qualities. There is no best nor worst kid, as we carefully polish and cut through, each child will show his/her best and shine like a diamond.

Meet Our Team

Ms. Sofina Leung

(Founder & Executive Director)

Sofina is a graduate of the business school of Carleton University in Canada.  She also holds a certificate in Art Therapy, as well as a design diploma in art.

She is enthusiastic about children's 

education and has taught children's classes at church and in civic and community centres, etc.  She has also taught painting at the New Asia College Alumni Association of Chinese University. 

Sofina founded Wonderful Creation to further pursue her dream of teaching not only knowledge, but most importantly developing good character of children and inspiring them to build up confidence.

She has been learning art since the age of 5. She is very experienced as an artist, familiar with Chinese and Western art. There have been successful exhibitions of her works and she has received good reviews. 

Ms. Celine Tse

(Business Development & Language Program Director)

"Each person is created by God differently, and each of us has our own ways of learning". Celine is a native Cantonese speaker who studied in Chinese medium schools in Hong Kong for 14 years. Finding ways that suited her personal learning style allows her to gain proficiency in English. 


Celine later studied linguistics at the University of New South Wales, Australia, and also gained certification as an International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) teacher.


Inspired by Jesus, Celine has a deep passion for teaching. She believes that education is about building up children's inner character, and commits to walking alongside her students in their lives, investing in their well-being. She is also enthusiastic about adult language education and experienced in teaching spoken Cantonese and English.

Ms. Wendy Eni

(French Teacher)

“There is not just one way of learning, but many ways, according to each person’s unique qualities.”


This is a firm belief for Wendy, from Gabon, a French-speaking country. She studies Taxation and law in her home country and worked for 4 years in a finance company before coming to Hong Kong.

She has always been surrounded by kids and youth. Her passion is to help people grow towards their potential according to the uniqueness that God has given to them. She has been teaching French and in French language for many years, in church settings, private classes and large groups.

She adapts her lessons and activities according to the level and age of her students to make the learning process smooth and fun.

Ms. Irene Lau

(Mandarin Teacher)

Because "God loves the world", Irene chose to be a Mandarin teacher.


As a native Mandarin speaker, Irene spoke Mandarin since she was a child. With a child-loving heart, she focus on the uniqueness of each child in designing a specific teaching method. Through listening, interaction and games, children can enjoy learning Mandarin.


Her teaching philosophy is to discover the talents and the potentials of children. She believes that with persistency, every child can master and fall in love with Mandarin.

Ms. Fiona Tsui

(Playgroup Teacher)

"Kids love to Play"

Through playing, children can explore their abilities, build up experiences and knowledge of the outside world, which are essential for developing as independent individuals. Physical activity is definitely an important medium.


Fiona graduated from The HK Polytechnic University, and had worked in Fashion industry for 15 years. She has been studying early childhood education since her first son was born. That helps her understand that the critical development period for children is between 0 to 6. This leads her decision to gave up her career to "walk with her son".


Fiona is also passionate in sharing her knowledge with other families and parents.

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